The rain seems to have passed – for now! – and lots of us are thinking about our summer holidays. Looking after your skin well in the summer is very important, because the stresses it faces are quite different to other times of year. Here are a few tips for keeping healthy, and keeping that beautiful summer glow for as long as possible!


1. Exfoliate

Exfoliate with a delicious body scrub (you don’t need to use a buffer – scrubs are gentler, and smell so much nicer too!). Exfoliating removes dead, dull skin cells and allows your moisturiser and toner to work better. Don’t forget to moisturise straight after.


2. Water Water Water

We know it’s essential to keep hydrated, but often we forget in summer to drink even more. Sweat = water loss, so you need to replenish every drop you lose. And don’t forget that the sun evaporates moisture too, so exposure to sunlight can make your skin even drier. And if you drink caffeine or alcohol, you need to have even more water to balance out its dehydrating effects!


3 Be Shady

The sun is dangerous, guys! We love a tan, but please don’t try and get one during the hottest times of the day. Wear a hat, cover up, and find some shade if you can between 11 and 2. The sun will still be strong enough to brown your skin earlier and later in the day – promise!


4. Sun Cream

Slap it on, and keep applying all day, especially on your face and arms. You just can’t have enough protection – and you really don’t want to burn. That cream also helps to moisturise – and don’t forget the back of your neck and ears! So many people often do…

For little ones, my top tip would be to use the creams that are safe for sun and swimming. Even if you’re not expecting any water play, you never know – they may even have the water table out at school. If it’s not water resistant, it will just wash off – and the combination of sun and water is so much more powerful than sun on its own. So if you’ve got the water-safe cream on, you’re covered whatever they get up to.


5. Moisturise

When you’ve had a day in the sun, the best way to nourish your skin is to moisturise with an after-sun product. To keep your skin as healthy as possible, exfoliate regularly and moisturise daily, using a good after-sun on your exposed bits at night. Coconut oil is a wonderful after-sun as well, if you’re looking for a natural solution.

You can find some beautiful products for taking care of your skin in the summer on my Avon page. Just search for sun care creams: