I’ve been blogging for a while now, sharing my beauty and health care tips – and I thought it might be time for a more personal post. So here it is – all about me, and how I came to be doing what I’m doing today; the story of how Beauty and Nails by Reena came to be.

I have lived in Milton Keynes since 1989, went to school at Stantonbury Campus, then moved to Luton for a while.

Things were complicated at home growing up, and I left school with no GCSEs, and no real idea of what sort of career I wanted – but I was really pleased to get an apprenticeship job at River Island in Luton, working on the door and on the shop floor. They offered a really good training and qualification programme, and I worked through various NVQs and levels, to become the stock room and footwear manager. I loved working in there – I’d get my tunes on, and everyone who came into the stock room would have a boogie with me!

On the Buses

My sister and I decided to get a taste of London life, so we moved to Kensington, and I transferred to the River Island there. It was great, but after a time, we realised just how high the rent was in comparison with what we could get back home, so we moved back to Milton Keynes.

I didn’t really want to work in retail anymore, but was pleased to have been able to achieve my NVQ qualifiactions in retail, customer service and management.

I took a job with National Express, at the bus station. There was no tannoy system, so I did all the announcing as the various coaches left and departed, and I managed the ticket office and customer queries. The shifts were early starts and long hours, but I looked forward to the beauty treats I used to book sometimes on a Monday afternoon.

I worked my way up to manager again, which came with a pay rise of course, but also the responsibility of covering hours when people called in sick, which they often did on a Monday; which meant I regularly had to stay later on a Monday afternoon to cover the missed shifts – and that meant I missed out on my beauty treats! One week I tried everything to find somewhere to get my eyebrows done – I was ringing round salons about 4:30pm, and either they couldn’t fit me in, wouldn’t answer the phone or nowhere was open.  If only there was someone mobile who could come to me…………

The Plan – Beauty and Nails by Reena

And just then I saw the gap in the market for beauty and nail treatments to take place at a time when customers want them – and I decided to qualify in all of the beauty treatments I wanted to offer, and set up my own business and go mobile. My sister and I would play with nail polish and give each other manicures and pedicures. So I wanted to turn this hobby into a business.

I did my qualifications at MK College, as soon as I had qualified, I had some leaflets printed and distributed them to houses and flats in the Milton Keynes area – and the phone started ringing. Since then technology has moved on so much, and Beauty and Nails by Reena has gone digital, giving 24/7 website access along with a booking facility, giving you the freedom to browse what treatments are available, without you having to leave your home for whatever reason. You may be a new mum, you may not drive, you may have a disability or you may be new to the area. I wanted to give high standard beauty treatments just like in a salon, and I can say that I deliver just that, morning, noon and night!!

Meeting My Friend-For-Life

When I qualified, I lived in a flat in Peartree Bridge. I’d already met my soon-to-be husband, and it was here in Peartree Bridge that I met my friend-for-life as well. Claire lived in a flat nearby, and we didn’t warm to each other to begin with! But one day she knocked on my door wondering if I had a bottle opener she could borrow. I said “Yes, if you’re bringing that bottle in here!” – and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. She had a young baby, and before long Nick and I were expecting our firstborn too. Since those days, I’ve expanded what I offer, and I also work with Claire (who’s a Swedish massage therapist) to offer a full pamper party package.

The Dream

When I left school all those years ago, I never would have imagined running my own business – and I love what I do! Providing a mobile beauty service that helps clients to treat themselves in their own homes, fitting around their work and family commitments is just brilliant – and it fits around my family too, which couldn’t be more perfect. It just goes to show that what you end up doing can be a million miles away from what you ever thought possible.

I absolutely love what I do!! I sometimes forget that I am working.  I get to meet all walks of life, babies and children – and I’m an animal lover, so I love meeting gorgeous pets as well – because they are family members too!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this blog and getting to know how Beauty & Nails by Reena was born. And of course to all my clients, new and old, thank you for making this dream of mine possible!