I’m excited to be offering you another brand new treatment – Brow Lamination! Here’s a little more about what it is, what it does and how it all works…


What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a perm for the eyebrows, that manipulates the existing hairs into shape to make them look brushed, fluffy and feathery. This treatment will create the illusion of length and volume and give definition to the brow area and frame the face.

Brow Lamination Beauty and Nails by Reena mobile beauty

How does it work?

Procedure: If you have a high back chair, I’ll ask you to sit in the chair with your head resting on the back rest.  If you do not have a suitable high back chair, we can work on my beauty bench.

Step 1: Your eyebrows will need cleaning using non-oily makeup remover and cotton pads.  The brows will need to dry before the next step.

Step 2: Using a small firm brush, the brow hairs are combed in the ‘upwards direction’ to prepare for the next step.

Step 3: For strong and coarse hairs, a thin layer of adhesive may be applied to the brows  This will set the hair in the right direction, giving it the correct shape. Using a small amount of lift lotion, the lotion is applied to the brow area in the ‘upwards direction’.

This lotion needs to be set. The length of time will vary:

Very fine brows 3-4 min, fine or tinted brows 4-5 min, naturally healthy brows 5-6 min, coarse healthy brows 6-7 min.

This lotion is then removed using cotton pads.

Step 4: Next, fixing lotion is applied.  This is the same procedure as above including timings.  I then remove the lotion using cotton pads.

Step 5: Tinting the brows will define your new eyebrow style.  I make up a tint paste and apply it to your eyebrows, and it remains on there for a maximum of 5 minutes.  This tint is then removed using cotton pads.

Step 6: Waxing your brows will give them that fresh, neat and finished look.  Nourishing lotion is applied to end your brow lamination treatment.


Aftercare for Brow Lamination

Your brows may be red for a while (this is called erythema: blood capillaries rushing to the surface of your skin).  Apply some aloe vera gel or a cold compress after the treatment.  This should settle. 

Your treatment should last up to 6 weeks, and no maintenance is required between treatments. So that your brow lamination lasts as long as possible, bear the following in mind: 

  • Avoid heat treatments such as sauna and steam rooms. 
  • Be mindful when opening the oven doors. 
  • Stay out of the sun for a few days. 
  • Avoid chlorinated water such as swimming and hot tubs. 
  • Do not rub the brows and do not get the brows wet for 24 hours. 


To keep your brows healthy and soft, use nourishing oil and serums.  In the mornings, give your brows a little brush back into position using the mascara wand that I will leave with you.  

Contact me today to book your brow lamination with me – and remember that we will need to do a patch test at least 24-48 hours beforehand.


Remember the Patch Test…

A patch test is required at your consultation appointment (£5 deposit). Your hair type will be marked on your consultation form.  This will allow us to know how long your treatment will take. Providing that there are no reactions following your patch test, the treatment can go ahead after 24-48 hours.

IMPORTANT: if this is your first brow lamination with Beauty and Nails by Reena, you will need to have a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment. You will be contacted to arrange the test after booking your treatment. There is a £5 deposit payable for all patch tests.