There’s no easy way to remove unwanted body hair – but waxing is definitely the most effective and long-lasting.


Shaving hair – which is the other most popular way of getting rid of body hair – carries more dangers. Razor blades irritate the skin, making it itchy and sore, especially if your skin is on the sensitive side. The blade slices the hairs off at skin level, which means there is a significant risk of slicing and cutting the skin, as well – and the nastiest nicks can leave you with scars, especially in areas like the shins, where the skin is quite thin.


With waxing, hairs are pulled right out from the root, which means they take much longer to grow back – and when they do, they usually grow back thinner. In fact, the more often you wax, the thinner the hair is likely to become each time it grows back. Your skin also feels smoother and softer after a waxing treatment, and will stay that way until the hair grows back enough to break the skin. With shaving, stubble usually appears within a day or two.


Waxing is also quicker than shaving, less fiddly, and often much less painful than people think – especially when you’re in our experienced hands! Waxing also removes dead skin cells, keeping skin healthier.


How to Prepare for your Waxing Treatment


Exfoliate the area that’s going to be waxed a couple of days before your appointment, to prepare your skin for the procedure. Don’t do it on the same day, as it could make your skin extra-sensitive. Leave it a couple of days after your treatment before exfoliating again, as your pores will then be fully closed once more, and any redness will have gone down. You should also avoid heat treatments such as hot tubs, sauna and steam rooms for a couple of days for the same reason. Exfoliation after your treatment also helps to postpone regrowth.


I use a tea tree cream wax, which has a soothing effect on the skin as well as being a very effective hair remover. Most clients experience red spots on their skin after treatment, which is completely normal and is a result of the blood capillaries rushing to the surface. This will fade within 24 hours.


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