Ever wondered why your feet get so much more dry and sore than the rest of you? Well, one of the reasons is that all of your toxins are released from your feet – and they can feel particularly bad at this time of the year, when the indoor air is drier and feet are less exposed to the air.

All the pollutions your body catches during the day are released from your feet, especially while you sleep! Which is an excellent explanation for why your feet may become dry and sore.  Dead skin cells develop, which can build up and cause cracked heels.

Having regular spa pedicures is a wonderful treat for your feet, as well as reduce the pain of cracked heels, and avoiding the build up of problems for the future. And if you combine them with a polish, they’ll look beautiful afterwards too!

We start off your pedicure by removing dry dead skin cells. We soak your feet in the foot spa, and I use special scrubbing products and a pumice stone for this, to make your feet feel gorgeously smooth again. You get your own personal pumice stone to keep, which you can store in your bathroom to use in between treatments; and I’ll need it for your next spa treatement too.

Then we turn our attention to your toenails, and we start by filing them into shape. As well as making them pretty, this will also help to avoid ingrowing toe nails, which can become very painful and sore – and in the worst cases, can require hospital surgery to fix.

Next I work on push back the cuticles, which neatens the toes and opens up the surface of the nail. After that, it’s over to you to choose which colour polish you’d like to have! I use either a standard polish, or you can choose to have a long-lasting UV gel polish that will keep your feet looking perfect for longer.

Your toes are probably not as exposed as to the air as your fingers, which means they get less oxygen. That’s why they grow slower, and your nail polishes last longer.

Take care of your feet by treating them to a deep moisturising session overnight will also do wonders for keeping that dry skin at bay – and you can find some beautiful products for taking care of your feet and nails on my Avon page. Just search hand or foot cream with cuticle oils: https://www.shopwithmyrep.co.uk/avon/ree-store

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