Mobile Pedicure Treatments in Milton Keynes & Surrounding Areas

Reena provides a selection of treatments for your feet. Our feet do the toughest work throughout our lives. This is why we need them pampered every so often.

Let Reena work her magic and rejuvenate your feet with her professional products, equipment and hands.



Like Manicures, the pedicure you require will be determined by what varnish you are currently wearing. If you’ve UV Gels or UV Gel Lacquer, you’ll need what’s called a ‘Soak Off’. You can learn more about ‘Soak Offs’ by clicking here.


All Pedicures include File & Polish:

(Click the Pedicure you’d like to know more about to read more detail about that particular treatment)

Wearing Gels or Lacquer? You’ll need a Soak Off.


Click here for examples of Reena's pedicure work: Beauty and Nails by Reena on Facebook - pedicure