Christmas can be a time of joy and excitement, but it can also be so stressful – especially where money is concerned. I feel the pressure myself and I know just what it’s like. So I’ve been having a think about some ways to reduce the number of presents I feel obligated to get, and the cost of the ones I’ll still be wrapping – and here are my low cost Christmas gift ideas that won’t break the bank, and support local businesses too…


My biggest inspiration for this new way of thinking was Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert. He spoke last year about releasing yourself and others from the obligation of buying Christmas gifts for loads of people:

“What I think, it is time for us to get off this gift-giving treadmill. I think sometimes the best gift is releasing others from the obligation of having to give to you. Let’s work together to ban unnecessary Christmas presents. Not for your spouse, not for smiling children under the tree, but [for] that ever-expanding list of friends and cousins and teachers that we feel forced to buy.”

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So that’s given me food for thought about reducing the number of presents I feel I have to give. But there are still some I want to continue giving, so I’ve come up with a few ideas that won’t break the bank, but still show how much I care. They might be useful for you as well!


Home Made Body Scrub

A gorgeous, homemade body scrub to keep your skin sweet in between beauty treatments – and even better, it’s all-natural! You’ve probably got most of the ingredients in the house already, and all you’ll need is some suitable gift containers. I find some real bargains for this sort of thing on eBay, and there’s a huge variety of sizes, depending on the number of scrubs you want to give.

Scrub recipe:

250g brown sugar

125g granulated white sugar

125ml sunflower oil

1/2 Tbsp vanilla extract

Small jars or containers to present it

Ribbon and label to decorate



Mix the brown and white sugar together. Mix the oil and vanilla together separately, and then add to the sugars, combining well.  Test a little bit out on your hands, and relish the soft and smooth results! Then add to the jars, and label them with love – a perfect, heartfelt and handmade gift.


Rice bag microwaveable warmers

If you’re handy with a needle, these little bags are simple to put together. Containing ordinary long grain rice, and a few drops of an essential oil if you wish, they can be put in the microwave and used as a reliever for all sorts of aches and pains. You can create them from rectangles of material, or simply fill some pretty socks and sew them up! Here’s a site that shows you how to make them:



Bulk Buy and create Gifts in a Jar

A jar filled with personalised goodies – if you’ve got some teacher gifts to buy, this idea could be the answer. Gather some jars – jam ones or coffee ones will do, you know the sort – and bulk buy some goodies. Wrapped chocolates, lip balm, moisturisers (grab a few from my Avon page!), hot chocolate or coffee sachets – any little bits and pieces that will fit. Line it with a little scrunched up tissue or wrapping paper, and then add the gifts. My top tip is to use a pencil to get them looking nicely arranged! Then label them up and decorate with a little Christmas flourish.


Shop Local with Shocal

There’s a fabulous new shop in town, that is hosting a wide range of locally handmade gifts and goodies – and it’s headed by a face that will be familiar to many local businesses. Sam Poole has opened the Milton Keynes branch of Shocal – a gift shop and app that also does home deliveries. Visit the shop in Fenny Stratford, or download the Shocal app and have your locally-made gifts delivered to your door! Visit the Shocal website and download the app from there.


Avon Calling

I mentioned it above (and I may have mentioned it before!) – I’m an Avon lady, and I’m always amazed by the value of gifts they offer. Have a look at my page for some real bargains, and gifts that are guaranteed to bring a festive smile:


Have a very happy festive season! Book now for your Christmas beauty treatments – and don’t forget to put some time in the diary for some pampering in the New Year as well. Book Now