Do your nails break easily? Have you tried all sorts and still not working?

There are a number of reasons why nails break. It could be cold weather, medication, lack of water, lack of sleep, hands constantly in water, gardening, cleaning, the list can go on and on!

Here are my top pieces of advice to prevent nails from becoming brittle and weak.

Have regular manicures to help strengthen the growth of your nails. Every 2 weeks should help.

Be kind to your hands and nails! I highly recommend cuticle oil from Avon. Put it in your routine every morning and every night. Leave the tube on your bedside table and apply it to your hands and toes. It will work overnight, and keep cuticles from drying out, making your skin lovely and soft – as well as having a dozen other uses, on your skin and even your scalp! More information can be found on my store link, here.

Avoid acrylics or extensions as they will damage your nails and do not allow your nails to breathe. A good nail technician will avoid using drills and tools to buffer your nail plate.  Gently filing the nail plate with a nail file is a much safer way. UV gel polish is also safer on your nail plate, and your nails will also thank you for taking rests in between polish applications.  This is so a fresh supply of oxygen reaches your nail plates and nail beds.

You can grow your own with will power and our help. Many of our clients are using ‘Stop and Grow’ nail biting varnish. The taste of the varnish is not very nice, therefore, when biting your nails, it’ll remind you not to!!!!

Cuticle is skin that rests on your Eponychium and grows with the nail plate. Cuticles become dry and unsightly. Using cuticle remover, massage into the cuticle area and push back the cuticles using an orange stick or cuticle tool.  The cuticle remover will soften the skin making it easier to push the cuticles back. You may find a raised area of skin around the Eponychium. Using cuticle cutters, very carefully and gently cut along the Eponychium or better still, contact me for an appointment! Having someone else do it for you can make you feel good and confident.  Also, having it done by someone who does it for a living will do a quicker, much better and tidier job!!

And it’s always nice to get compliments about your nails, so go on, treat yourself, and make those commitments and stick to them! Contact us today to make your manicure and pedicure bookings.

For more products and information to keep you and your nails looking beautiful, visit my Avon page. Just search hand or foot cream with cuticle oils: .