Formerly known as lash perms, lash lifts are a great alternative to lash extensions.


Patch tests are so important to have.  Without a patch test, I will not be able to perform this treatment. You will need to have a patch test at least 24hrs before the treatment.

I like to patch test you on the wrist or fore-arm, somewhere where you can see it because you are more likely to notice it, if you react to it.  I can cover the patch tests with a plaster if you are not allergic to plasters.  This will help keep the lotion/s in place and it avoids it from rubbing off.

If you do react to the glue/lotions, it’ll be red, itchy, sore, swollen, like you’ve been bitten by an insect. Some people who react to it may get a very bad reaction. It will inflam quite severely, become hot and may start to pus. Some salons patch test behind the ear.  You can’t see behind your ear…so how would you know you’ve reacted to it, if you don’t get the ‘itchy’ spot?  Sometimes I will patch test you on your ankle. This is mainly for people with babies or small children. It’s so that the lotion/s don’t transfer on to your baby when you’re holding them in your arms. Because they may react too and we don’t want that!

Patch tests only take 5 mins to do! You could end up with very bad sore eyes, or even lose your sight if you react to the glue without having the patch test. You also need to bare in mind that even though you’ve had a patch test, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF A PATCH TEST DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT AN ALLERGIC REACTION WILL NOT OCCUR. If you do react, put a cold compress on the affected area to calm it down.  DO NOT put creams, lotions, oils on it as you could make it worse. DO NOT scratch the area as this could also make it worse and you could make it travel up your arm.

If it’s getting out of control SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IMMEDIATELY.

You are trusting someone to take care of your lashes, and it may be difficult to trust someone new. Look at their reviews, look at the evidence, ask questions, have you had a consultation? Have you been given a patch test? Have you been told how to look after them?

The treatment is better when you are laying down on my beauty bench so I can work from behind you. You’ll be laying down for at least an hour so please make sure you have used the toilet beforehand!

Laying down for a long period of time may result in back ache but don’t worry! Once the lotion is on you can sit up but whatever you do don’t open your eyes! The solution may enter your eyes making them water, which will mean that the lift may not take and it could cause bad irritation for a while. If it’s unbearable, we will have to remove the lotion completely and start again once the watering has stopped. You may also find your eyes water even if the lotion hasn’t entered your eyes, in which case I can continue doing the work!  I have tissues and soak up pads to avoid starting again.

Once you’re laying down, I will place lash pads on your bottom lashes as we don’t want the bottom lashes to curl with the top ones!

Next, I’ll clean your lashes thoroughly to remove dust, dirt, makeup and grease. The lift won’t take properly if we don’t do this.

Next, I’ll place silicone curlers on your upper eyelids (I’ll choose the correct size accordingly)

Using lash adhesive, I will individually place your lashes on the curlers making them stick in position.

There are 2 lots of lotions I use. First is the pink lifting lotion and the other is the blue fixing lotion. The pink lotion stays on for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I remove the pink lotion then place the blue lotion which stays on for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, I remove the blue lotion and place black lash tint. The tint goes last because if I did it first, it would act as a barrier and the lift won’t take!! After removing the tint, I will make sure all residue has been removed to the best I can. I may ask you to remove some residue from the ‘hard to reach areas’ yourself to prevent irritation and save us both time!

You will be given a brand new unused mascara wand to brush your lashes with.

DO NOT PUT YOUR NEW CLEAN BRUSH IN YOUR MAKEUP BAG!!  Make up bags contain bacteria if you don’t clean your bag as often as you should.  To avoid eye infections, it’s best to keep your wand somewhere safe.  I put mine in my hidden bit of my handbag and brush my lashes every morning.  It’s also handy to keep on you to brush whilst out and about or if its a windy day!!

To prolong your lashes avoid heat treatments such as hot tubs, sauna & steam.  Also, be mind full when opening the oven door. Heat can prematurely loosen your lashes making the lash lift fall out quicker.  Wearing mascara can also contribute to losing your lash lift as the weight of the make up will weigh your lashes down. Remember – be gentle to your lashes, as they are delicate and they are there to protect your eyes so don’t rub your eyes or wash with harsh detergents. Use baby shampoo to clean your eyes and face, because it’s mild and gentle on the skin and follicles.

The lash lift can last from 2-8 weeks depending on how well you look after your lashes.  Follow the above rules and you wont need the treatment again so soon.

Lash extensions are great for short term pampering, however, there’s nothing wrong with having lash extensions full time, if you can make time for the maintenance whereas lash lifts require little maintenance.  You may feel lash extensions are better suited for special occasions like birthdays, weddings and holidays.

You can purchase some dome 3D sleeping masks to wear at night which will help keep lashes looking newer for longer.

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