I’m excited to be offering a new service to my beautiful clients – Henna Brows! Here’s a bit more about what they are, what’s involved, and what you need to know…


What are Henna Brows? 

Henna Brows is a treatment that is similar to an eyebrow wax and tint. However, the purpose of henna brows is that it will stain the skin and the brows for longer compared with brow tinting, so you can enjoy the effects of your new look for longer – it will last two weeks on the skin and six weeks on the hairs depending on skin type, natural hair colour and after-care. 

I will be using the Henna that I trained in, called SO HENNA – which has naturally cool undertones to avoid orange staining on the skin. You’ll need the usual patch test with me, and when we do that we’ll agree to a shade suitable for your skin tone that will also give you the finish you desire. 


What’s Involved? 

After 48 hours from your patch test, we’ll be able to have your Henna Brows appointment. I then map your eyebrows, and make up the Henna – it’s in a powder form which is mixed with water to create a paste. I then apply this to the desired shape of your eyebrows. 

During the treatment the henna will need to be kept moist at intervals with a damp cotton pad.  After at least 8 minutes of developing, I remove the henna paste with pads. If you’re going for a darker tone, the henna will remain in place for longer, up to a maximum of 20 minutes. 

Henna brow treatments should take place every 3 to 4 weeks for best results. 


Good to Know…

Your henna brows will last up to six weeks on the hairs, but to prolong their effects, it’s best to avoid heat treatment such as sauna and steam rooms, hot tubs, hot showers and baths. All of these have a tendency to loosen the treatment, and make the henna fade quicker. 

It’s also really important to avoid tanning beds and prolonged time in direct sunlight after the treatment, as they may cause allergic reactions. 

Henna Brows treatment is unsuitable for persons aged 16 and under, so please do not ask if I will perform this treatment on anyone younger than 17. 

The henna I use is also unsuitable for eyelashes, so I won’t be providing that as a treatment option; however I do offer eyelash tinting, using the correct tinting solutions.

I love the effect of Henna Brows, and you can see the difference they made for my lovely client Claire, in this video: https://fb.watch/ep0LSMiN3r/


I’m looking forward to booking you in for your initial consultation and patch test soon! Contact me to book in your slot: Book Now