Good eyelash extensions look absolutely gorgeous – but you need to be so careful with your eyes, and make sure you choose the right technician to create your new eyelashes for you.

A good eyelash technician will apply lash extensions correctly. They will take their time, ensuring that each and every new lash has the correct amount and size of glue, before applying it to your natural lashes. This treatment takes time. If too much glue is applied, it will weigh your lashes down too much, forcing your natural lashes to fall off. So if you have had a treatment which has taken less than an hour – other than a lash maintenance – I would be cautious about the care and quality you have received.

You are trusting someone to take care of your lashes, and it may be difficult to trust someone new. Look at their reviews, look at the evidence, ask questions, have you had a consultation? Have you been given a patch test? Have you been told how to look after them?

You need to have regular maintenance from your lash technician every two to three weeks, after your lashes have been applied. Any longer and the lash grows out on the natural lash, weighing it down and causing damage. This can lead to the natural lashes falling out, and leaving permanent gaps. If you leave it for four weeks, you will need to have a new set of lashes altogether. You should also have breaks in between your extension periods, to let the natural ones breathe.

Remember – be gentle to your new lashes, as they are delicate; so don’t rub your eyes or wash with harsh detergents. Use baby shampoo to clean your eyes and face, because it’s mild and gentle on the skin and follicles.

You should also avoid eye makeup of any kind when you have lash extensions. Mascara, eye liners and even eye shadows can create infections and damage the lashes. You need to rub the area to get it all off – see the point above about gentle treatment. The area may look clean from one angle, but look closer, and there are usually clumps of makeup left – the ones that will do the damage. Anyway, why do you need makeup for with those gorgeous eyes!

You can also use some gorgeous stuff from Avon around your eyes to promote lash and eyebrow growth. It really is amazing, and has so many uses. I apply it in the evenings with my bedtime routine, so my skin and lashes can benefit overnight. Search for lash serum on my Avon shop:

I offer years of experience in classic individual eyelash extensions – applying one lash to each of your eyelashes – as I believe this is the safest, and healthiest, way to look your best. Why not contact me today for a free eyelash extension consultation and patch test?