We’ve lost our wonderful Queen…She was an inspiration to me and so many millions of people around the world. She was always there: always committed, reliable, and professional; firmly traditional, but not afraid to embrace change in the world. She was loved and respected around the world for her grace and dignity, and she was a style icon throughout her life. She was always beautifully dressed and accessorised to perfection, right to the end. She clearly knew how your appearance can boost your confidence!

As well as being the month we lost a great lady, September is also World Alzheimer’s Month, and pretty much every one of us is likely to have been touched by this awful disease. It steals the person before they’re ready to go, and the heartbreak when they do pass on can feel like losing them twice. Hopefully one day we’ll have a cure – but for now, understanding and patience are the kindest ways to help those with a diagnosis.

One of the ways to help people reach back to the person they were before is to keep up the beauty regimes they enjoyed – and painted nails, in the colours they loved, is one way to do that. It’s certainly one of the most popular treatments I offer to my older clients.

There are treatments available for every age at Beauty and Nails by Reena. I see clients of all ages – my youngest is just three weeks old (she has her nails trimmed with my special baby clippers), and my oldest is 101 years old! It is so important to remember that whatever age you reach, you’re never too old to enjoy a bit of pampering – and visiting my older clients is always a special treat for me too.

Who I Visit

I’m mobile so I can visit anyone of course! But I have regular slots in some older people’s residential settings, which means I can see everyone who wants an appointment on the one day. On Fridays, I’ll usually be in one of the following places: Lovat Fields retirement village in Willen, the McCarthy and Stone retirement community in Walnut Tree; Shenley Wood Retirement Village in Shenley Wood; or Belfounder in Bradwell Village.

Nails are often the treatment of choice for my older clients, and it’s usually a luxurious manicure and polish to make them feel really pampered and beautiful.

Health, Safety and Beauty

Every time I book a new client in, I make sure the treatment they’ve asked for is going to be right for them. I do a patch test to find out if you’re allergic to the tints I use, and I will always establish any health concerns I might need to take into account when I visit and treat you.

Affordable Treats

There’s a lot of worry about the cost of everything at the moment, and I want to do something to help – because losing those little treats that make life a little brighter is such a sad prospect. So I’m launching a Concession Card for all my older clients. Here’s how it will work – if you’re 70 or over, you can buy your annual concession card from me for £10. Then use it every time I visit to get 10% off your treatments.

I’m launching the Concession Card in the coming months, so watch this space – and remember, you’re never too old to feel beautiful! If you’d like to book a treatment – or know an older person who’d love a pamper – please do get in touch below, or Book a Treatment.