The clock change will soon be upon us, and we “fall back” from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in the early hours of 29 October. That often feels like the true start of autumn, as nightfall jumps an hour closer – and we can often feel drained and a bit less sparkly than in the summer. But there are steps we can take to maintain our summer well-being.

As a beauty therapist, it’s my job to help others look and feel their best, and also to take care of myself. In this blog post, we’ll explore the impact of the clock change back to GMT, and look at some practical strategies that I use to stay healthy and happy during these months.


The Impact of the Clock Change

The shift from BST to GMT can affect your physical and mental health in several ways:


Reduced Exposure to Natural Light:

With the sun setting earlier, you may find yourself getting less natural light during your day. Reduced exposure to sunlight can lead to a decrease in your mood-enhancing serotonin levels and a drop in vitamin D, which is essential for keeping your skin healthy.

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Disrupted Sleep Patterns:

The abrupt change in time can disrupt your internal body clock, making it harder to maintain a consistent sleep schedule – in the first few days, at least. Poor sleep quality can lead to tired, puffy eyes, and dull skin.


Decreased Physical Activity:

It can be much harder to motivate yourself to get up and exercise on colder, darker evenings – but good exposure to fresh air is vital for maintaining overall health and glowing skin. Reduced exercise can also contribute to stress and weight gain.


Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy


Maximise your Natural Light Exposure:

Make an effort to get outside during daylight hours. Go for a walk, enjoy your lunch outside, or simply open your blinds to let natural light into your workspace. Natural light can boost your mood and improve the health of your skin.

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Adjust Your Skincare Routine:

As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine. Incorporate hydrating products to combat the dry, indoor air, and don’t forget to use sunscreen, even on overcast days, as UV rays are still present.


Prioritise Sleep:

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same times each day if you can, even on weekends. A calming bedtime routine can really help, like a nice warm bubble bath or some relaxation techniques, to improve the quality of your sleep.


Stay Active:

Find creative ways to stay active indoors during the colder months. Consider trying home workouts, yoga, or dance classes. Joining a team can be a great way to motivate you to keep those exercise appointments, too – I’m a member of women’s walking football team! Maintaining regular exercise helps keep your energy levels up and contributes to a healthy complexion.


Boost Nutrition:

Choose nutritious food that supports your skin’s health, and your body’s health overall – more fruit and veg, and plenty of water. You need to keep that H2O intake high, even though it’s not as hot as it is in summer.


Professional Self-Care:

Don’t forget to pamper yourself! Schedule regular beauty treatments like facials and massages to rejuvenate your skin and alleviate stress, or treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. I’ve got a whole range of options! Browse Treatments


The clock change can impact your health and well-being, but by following these tips, you can continue to radiate health and beauty throughout the colder months, and keep on shining even when the days are darker. Remember, self-care is an essential part of maintaining your beauty and well-being year-round, and I’d love to come and pamper you! Book Now

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