A little bit of nail art is just the job to brighten up your mani or pedi, and there are so many different options to choose from! Here are the nail art varieties I offer.

When applying nail art, we’ll ideally use gels first, because if anything goes wrong with the art, we’ve still got that gorgeous colour safely locked in underneath!

Lots of my clients like to make a feature of nail art on a single finger or toe, but others like to go for art across all of their nails. It’s really up to you, and the effect you’d like to have.

Stencil Stamps

These are so pretty, and so easy to apply. As always we start with the base colour, ideally in gel so that we don’t have to start again if it smudges. Then I bring out my etched stencil plates – there are so many patterns, from snowflakes to pineapples, scandi prints to flamingos – something for every occasion! Then I paint the plate with the colour you want, and print the pattern onto your nail, finishing with a topcoat.

Blooming Gel

This is beautiful stuff, and produces a gorgeous marbled effect on the finished nail. I start with a special base paint, known as blossom or blooming gel. Then I add colours in with a special brush, which are dispersed by the gel for that stunning end result. 

Magic Powders

These are gorgeous, and because of the layers that go into them, the finished effect has so much richness and depth. Using a black base colour, we then add a no-wipe, non-sticky top coat, followed by a coloured powder – I’ve got silver, gold, red, blue, pink, and a two-tone mother-of-pearl shimmer effect. This is all finished with another top coat.

Magnetic Gel

These special gels have tiny metallic particles in them. I hold a magnet over the paint, and it swirls into a beautiful pattern that catches the light.

Diamante Rhinestones

These stick onto your finished nail for an extra bit of bling!

Diamante rhinestones Beauty and Nails by Reena nail art


So many possibilities with this one! A line across your finished nail, or down the middle; a sweep of glitter across the end with a special brush for a cascade effect; just a dab off-centre – whatever look you desire with glitter, we can achieve. Bring along a picture if you have one, and I’ll see what I can do!

Freehand Abstract

Show me a pattern you like from insta or pinterest, and I’ll copy it for you – after I’ve painted your base colour on.

Water Decals and Stickers

I apply a base colour, and you choose the decal or sticker. The decal soaks in a little water and then I apply it with a fingertip, which means we can adjust it to make it look just right! A sticker goes straight into position on your finished nail. Then I cover it all with a top coat to protect it from damage. I’ve got dozens and dozens of pretty little pictures to choose from!


You choose your base colour, and then I stick on pretty little pieces of foil – I’ve got gold, silver and rose gold shades. Then there’s a topcoat to seal it in, for a gorgeous sparkly-spangle effect!

Christmas is coming, so have a think about the nail art you’d like to celebrate with! It’s the same rate as a regular gel manicure, with an additional charge of 50p per nail for artwork. Book in your Christmas nail art mani here: Book Now