Eyebrow Wax 15 mins £8

Remove unwanted hair with an Eyebrow Wax treatment:

Material Used:

  1. Water based eye make-up remover,
  2. Birchwood Spatula,
  3. Creme Wax, Paper Waxing Strip,
  4. Cotton Wool or Tissue,
  5. Nivea Cream


You will receive a phone call or text from me to confirm your treatment 24 hrs before your appointment. If you booked online you will also receive an email notification.

After introducing myself we will then need to find a table near a power outlet to be able to plug in any electronic equipment needed for your treatment.


Treatment Procedure:

I will place a chair against the wall and ask for your to sit on it with your head tilted back comfortably on a cushion against the wall.

I will then proceed to remove (if any) make-up on requested area of treatment.

I will then suggest best work needed on your eyebrow wax.

I confirm with you which shape you would like before the eyebrow wax.

Wax is always pre-heated to save time so it is ready for treatment only after a few minutes of reheating.

I will then dip the spatula into the wax – test temperature on back of my hand to be sure it is at its optimum, not too cool or not too hot.

I then apply wax with pointed spatula for accurate application. I allow for the eyebrow wax to dry for about 3-5 seconds.

With a swift swipe of the paper the eyebrow wax and the hair is removed.

I only remove wax strips twice at maximum from the same area to avoid irritation or cause extra sensitivity to that area.

Should there be a hair or two remaining from the eyebrow wax then they are removed by tweezer.

Nivea creme is used to remove any residue.

Aftercare explanation :

Avoid using the sun bed, swimming, chemicals and products for at least 24 hrs

Avoid tinting after a wax, tinting should be performed before an eyebrow wax, avoid spray tanning and spray tan machines, keep waxed area away from any aerosol spray.

Waxing should last between 2-8 weeks which varies on the your medical condition and hair growth rate.

Remember to take advantage of the re-book discount – re-book after your treatment there to receive a discount! Ask for more details.


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