Eyelash Perm

Milton Keynes Mobile Beauty and Nail Technician
Milton Keynes Mobile Beauty and Nail Technician

 Eyelash Perm 75 mins £20

Maximise your curls by receiving an Eyelash Perm treatment.

† Please note an Eyelash Perm will require a patch test †


  1. Water-based eye make-up remover,
  2. Cotton ear buds,
  3. Cotton Wool or Tissue,
  4. Birchwood Waxing Spatula (or Orange Stick),
  5. Perming Lotion,
  6. Fixing Lotion,
  7. Nourishing Lotion,
  8. Eyelash Adhesive,
  9. Sticky Curling Rods.

Eyelash perm requires a patch test for 3 lotions.

1. Perming lotion

2. Fixing lotion

3. Nourishing lotion

Pre-treatment Procedure:


A patch test only takes five minutes to apply and needs to be carried out at least 24 hrs before your requested appointment for the Eyelash Perm treatment.

I will come to you at a location convenient for you 24 hours or more before your appointment time to carry out the patch test.

On arrival I will ask for you to complete and sign the consultation form prior to the patch test.

The patch test is for the 3 lotions used for the perm. Each lotion is applied to 3 separate,  very discreet places on your forearm.

I choose to apply to the forearm because it’s sensitive and there is not too much hair also, some beauticians apply this behind the ear. The problem with this is that irritation behind the ear can be itched and nothing more thought of it – whereas the forearm if itchy, will make you consciously aware of this irritation.

If itchiness, redness or irritation occurs between time of application and 24 hours, unfortunately you cannot receive an Eyelash Perm.

But any other treatment you’ve requested can of course be provided.

I will call 24 hrs after the patch test to ask if any irritation was experienced by you, if not the patch test has cleared.

I will arrive to carry out your Eyelash Perm at your requested location at the appointment time.

I will then need to find a table near a power outlet to be able to plug in any electronic equipment needed for your treatments.

Treatment Procedure:

I will place a chair against the wall and ask for your to sit on it with your head tilted back comfortably on a cushion against the wall.

I will then proceed to remove (if any) make-up on requested area of treatment.

After eyelashes are dry, sticky curling rods are placed on the eyelids with eyelashes ‘stuck’ to it using eyebrow waxing spatula or orange stick.

Then the eyelashes are curled on to the sticky curling rods – sometime eyelash adhesive may be required to be applied in order to hold the lashes on to the rods.

Your eyelashes are left to set for about 45 to 50 minutes give or take a few minutes.

I’ll  then ask for you to check in the mirror and confirm the curl is correct.

Aftercare explanation :

Avoid rubbing as perm may straighten itself back out Eyelash Perm should be applied every three to six weeks to keep appearance fresh. (Depending on hair growth rate).

Avoid using mascara on eyelashes,

Avoid using the sun bed, swimming, sauna, steam room, chemicals and products for at least 24 hrs

Avoid spray tanning and spray tan machines, keep waxed area away from aerosols.

Remember to take advantage of the re-book discount – re-book after your treatment there and then, you’ll receive a discount! Ask Reena for more details.

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