Spa, Cuticle & Paraffin Foot Wax

Please note: If you are currently wearing UV Gel or UV Gel Lacquer you will require a soak off (additional 20mins & £5)

Spa, Cuticle & Paraffin Foot Wax

120 mins £35

2 thoughts on “Spa, Cuticle & Paraffin Foot Wax

  1. Hi. I am going to Spain soon and my feet are a bit dry. Can you tell me how much a paraffin wax wrap would be please.

    1. Hi Joanne! Hope you are well, Spain eh? Lucky you! #jealous!!

      A paraffin foot wax wrap is £10 Joanne, and all our prices are listed in the link below.

      You can also book that treatment from the same link, if you so wish!

      You can always call us too on 07547 978 452.

      Hope this helps!

      Speak soon, here’s your link:

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